Every detail matters and should be just perfect

Everybody says he or she or his/her company can do the best, but you need to choose the real best. How do you recognize the best web developers? By the details of their works.

Do you know how to recognize a great job has been done? You can look at any part of the work and it is polished and you can see somebody clearly gave it at least a little bit of thinking. Details are very important. In the end, finished project is simply a collection of finished details and if you do those right, you have a great job behind you.

I know many people who don't care about the small parts and do projects just to be done. It is because users of your website don't appreciate the work behind it. I won't lie to you, they never will, they can't. Most of us are not able to see and feel the crazy amount of hours spent on creating something we have never done. BUT if any person looks at a website without great background work and the one from fine developers, they definitely see the difference, only can't say why.

Every detail matters

In these days we work on new restaurant website. There are tons of website templates. To be fair, we could just buy some, lightly edit and nobody could say it is not doing a good job. And here it is, we don't want a good job, I and every of our team wants to do a perfect job. Recently, our graphic designer had to make 5 different styles of area about size of 200 pixels. By her words, difference is almost impossible to see. It is true if you look at the detail, but not if you look at the whole design. That is just how we do it.

What is the lesson here? Call us to get the perfect website ;) Just kidding. Don't let just anybody do a work for you, because EVERY DETAIL MATTERS.