Extremely quickly finished website An article about one of features of Profit Visions's work

"Impossible" deadline - not so much for us

Sometimes there is no rush, but in some cases there is a situation which is resulted in either huge problem or sweet satisfaction of job well done. Guess what we do with a website project if client comes and asks "impossible" deadline.

How the super-quickly made website e-commerce project started

When my good client came to me and asked if we can do his website project in such hurry, I needed to give it a lot of thought. He was in a need of extremely fast working website developer. If I took it and couldn't make it, Profit Visions would have responsibility for this failure. I am sure in such cases, if the project wouldn't run in time, the client's company could loose lots of money. But we don't step back from a challenge just because it's hard and risky.

I talked it over with our developer and we decided we will make it. The client needed help and we believed we are qualified to do that in time.

To be fair, the subjective part of the website creation was already done and the client came to me with already finished graphic design for the website and even e-commerce parts as well. They also had nearly finished all content ready to be filled in the website. So, our part in this was programming, front-end coding, website's responsive ability, filling it up with content, testing and tuning to perfection.

CMS and administration of the website - Grace

Of course the client needs to update the content of the website. For that we have built it with CMS or so called administration section. In e-commerce is need of change text content, products the company offers, contact data, customers, orders, just everything for manage and overview the website.

This CMS, Grace, is our own custom built baby. It's not only a part clients see, Grace is the entire system the website is developed on. If there would be no such thing as Grace, I wouldn't take this job, because I can't see how we could finish the job in this detail and perfection in the time frame we were given.

Did we fail?

I wouldn't write this article then, would I :) I probably would. Acknowledge failure and mistake is also important. But no, we finished the e-commerce website in time, it's working, it's beautiful and both the client and us are very happy with the result. It has been finished in extreme time and with NO QUALITY LOST! We are proud.

Well, see for yourself: www.moser.christmas