Redesigned and completely rebuilt website Yoga Lounge is a success (and not just ours)

What is this page about?

This page is a part of our blog and is all about to show what a great impressions make our web design and how much we care to make this project right the same as every other. Why and how are two extremely important questions that we can answer even before redesign starts.

About Yoga Lounge website

In March 2017 was finished and lunched new website, more accurately new version of the it. Yoga Lounge (named Fitlight before) are group and individual yoga classes. Yoga is cool, right? So it needed new and cool look.

Reasons to redesign

The original Yoga Lounge website wasn't dead. It was functioning website providing needed informations for its clients. What was wrong with it then?

  • A complete absence of responsive behavior

    So users could barely read and understand if they accessed the website on their phones.

  • Didn't follow modern standards

    What was great years ago can't stand up today competition, also website's visitors must see their favorite yoga teachers moving forward.

  • It was very difficult and expensive to maintain old website system

    Same as everything else, also web technologies are evolving very fast and many years old website base is too expensive to update functionally or its content.

Have we delivered the wanted result?

We all are very happy with the new Yoga Lounge website, but it's not the most important, is it? No, the most important are people that really use it as visitors or customers and administrators to update content. Here is what our client says:

"Our clients come to the teacher and comment the website. They say it is beautiful, very nice to use and great to find what they need."

Well, customers are satisfied and client has no problem to maintain the website's content himself.

Our job

We have developed this website from graphic design to final lunch, but the first step of development did client himself. Because he had perfect idea of the final look, he gave us completely prepared project design. This made the whole project easier and faster to finish.

Final words: thank you all for cooperation on this beautiful piece of work!