Spot the invisible When you have a bug reported you can't find

Detail and perfection in work

It's our goal at any work we do, the small or large jobs. This is one example of how we manage things we can't even see - we know they are there!

Bug's in a software, in a website, in anything are everywhere, little and the bigger ones. If we get a bug report, we don't just dismiss it.

Not often happens, that the report shows something we don't or even can't observe. Like this recent event, when we made ad banners for Mooyyy brand and the client told us he sees "not white color" around jewelry on the images. None of us could see the same, only white background. No matter what display, however calibrated.

It does not mean he was wrong, it simply means he has conditions we just can't reproduce. It was not the end of our searching. So how to see the invisible? It occurred to me we can simply make every color stronger, darker except the white.

So we spent hour and a half of programming to create a piece of software which do just that. It didn't matter if it keeps the shade of the color or completely change it, we simply needed to be visible.

After it was ready I took all pictures made for the deal and put it into the script. AND? The results show shades in places we believed are clear white and even in not reported images. Well, we saw it all, we corrected them and the client is more than satisfied, we have very new experience and a checking tool.

Web design, banners, graphics, whatever work we do, we do with sense of detail, perfection and finish. This is just a one example of many how we manage the unknown for sake of yours and your own goals.

The tool we made and used will be available for free as a part of The Grace Platform in not so far future.