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Timeless Vision

Since half of 2019, we started offer a service called RENT. The RENT gives our customers a timeless, personally tailored website, that never gets old and stays forever modern thanks to regular updates.

Since that time, you, our partners, gave us so much feedback and love. We listened and kept updating the service. After the year, we feel RENT is not what it used to.

Now it is something that truly reflects philosophy of Profit Visions - services and products with perfect quality, fast delivery and affordable to everybody.

We present to you


Websites and mobile apps never getting old again. Services for customers of a new age.

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Reaching a goal

In Profit Visions, we have stated very distinguishable goals. And today, we are thrilled to announce reaching to one of them.

We are lowering prices of mobile apps development.

It is always an exciting, when you are closing on your goal. And now, we want to share with you our achievement, that will help so many people and companies in coming years.

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Website development process from the ground up

Creating a website is not often a big deal in these days. Build a GOOD or THE BEST website is. Because of many available tools, that help you make a website even for free, you may think it is about making it look nice and you are done. But it is not the end of the story.

What does a GOOD website mean?

Such a website has a lot of things a developer needs to take care of.

It has to be searchable

In other words, it must have a good SEO (Search Engine Optimization). It is made sure by right semantics, correct cascade of HTML tags, its headings, paragraphs, by correct use of these tags. For that, a website also needs finely written texts, described images.

Loading speed

A website has to have as little resources as it can. Resources are website's images, analytic tools, scripts, styles. In other words, it is everything you see and even don't see on a website and every single one lowers a final speed.

Following trends

Trends of making websites shift too often for any general tool to follow it. Good websites follow them when they are created.


These websites are prepared by experts on people's behavior. UX (user experience) and UI (user interface) are slightly different in reality and always work together. A website has purpose like purchasing a product, contacting your company or just anything you need from your web. UX and UI ensure, that every element on a website is in the exact position to lead a visitor to your goal.

Any of these points are not more or less important and follow them makes a website GOOD but also not useless.

Our colleges from Profit Visions Web has recently made such website and we show you the process in few screenshots and descriptions.

Development of Blue Fjord website

This website was remake of the original one, but we took it from the beginning. The reason was for the restaurant's complete change of style and needs for different goals.

A new goal was for visitors to find info about events in the restaurant. A secondary goal is to make reservations and find a way to it.

First, we simply drafted sections of the website on a piece of paper laying on the table. It was good enough. First of all, the website have to say what is going on, what it is all about. After that is a perfect place for upcoming events and one section after is a map and reservation, which a visitor finds easily as well and by that, the second goal is accomplished.

After it was clear it is the right layout, a more technical, detailed and better looking wireframe. The wireframe was a subject for the client to check out.

Within these two steps is accomplished successful User Experience - visitors are served a content to easily and quickly get where we want them.

Graphic design created after made it even more clear and that is the UI thing. Even graphics alone makes a visitor to understand what is going on. It is perfectly understood what is a booking form, where to find the restaurant. Every line, every symbol is used with caution.

In summary

All this takes effort, lots of it, actually. And the effort is not for free, or even cheap. It is for a reason to make those GOOD and BEST websites, which are not made to lay plank on the internet.

Even it is not simple and requires sitting quietly and thinking for hours, though, we build these websites within a week. Realized quickly and perfectly.

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Certified website Vysocanskymlyn.cz

Only 27 days from start to launch is a simple characteristic of this project.

In Profit Visions we highlight our ability to develop projects for clients quickly with keeping extremely high standards. When our long-time client ONplanlab.com came with their need of this website, they did already have a deadline and knew it is not an easy task.

Not only we have finished the website vysocanskymlyn.cz in time, also in perfect quality that deserved the Certificate. Every aspect of the website has been tuned, including page speed, administrator's capabilities, mobile and desktop usability, SEO and others. And we are sure it is there - to confirm, we always test websites by independent Google's tools.

How it went?
Certified website Vysocanskymlyn.cz
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Grace Manager

You drive a business or a team of people and it is not a simple task. We are sure that you search for any help you can get. We understand you and that is why anything that helps us, we give to you so you can benefit of it as well.

People of Profit Visions are in the same situation from the beginning until now. In our company's history, we tried many options and many tools. But none of them was very useful. Any tool was either not better than simple TODO list with a calendar or suffered from being just for one specific operation without any attachment to others.

We decided to change it.

Grace Manager, as is Profit Vision's current big project named, is being developed to save companies' people so much time and stress. When we talk about saving time, we mean multiple days every month. We plan to automatize many of repetitive tasks, automatically set reminders, help with accountancy and you still won't get lost thanks to great overview interface and statistics how a company does.

Grace Manager

We are delaying the launch

Part of the heading tells everything - Grace Manager's final launch is delayed so we can ensure the quality of the product. Grace Manager is being developed to save you time and money and if we would miss just one element of the entire project, the effect could be just opposite.

Wireframing a different view for a client

If you force someone to use a tool he or she does not want to use, it ends up being uncomfortable for both of you. If your client is OK to use Grace Manager with you, his view must be different from yours since he must not see your internal communication, EST and others.