Certified website Vysocanskymlyn.cz

Only 27 days from start to launch is a simple characteristic of this project.

In Profit Visions we highlight our ability to develop projects for clients quickly with keeping extremely high standards. When our long-time client ONplanlab.com came with their need of this website, they did already have a deadline and knew it is not an easy task.

Not only we have finished the website vysocanskymlyn.cz in time, also in perfect quality that deserved the Certificate. Every aspect of the website has been tuned, including page speed, administrator's capabilities, mobile and desktop usability, SEO and others. And we are sure it is there - to confirm, we always test websites by independent Google's tools.

DAY 1 - First we needed a basic structure, where should all elements of the website go and also what should be all those elements. In this case, a client made it pretty straight forward, ON plan has been amazingly prepared for this project. Not only they knew what they wanted, we received quiet a great description of each web page in Word document. That helped a lot! We created a wireframe of the document, gave it a test round, made little tweaks and first stage was done.

DAY 3 - Then we went through graphic design, which went smoothly as well. Client had logo prepared, as well as color scheme. We had internally first graphics the next day and full web design for the client ready in 4 days.

DAY 7 - Graphics is now approved by the client and we started to code. This has been done in 5 days. We had all the content for the website in another Word document, which helped a lot again and all pages were filled up the next day.

DAY 13 to 26 - Because things can change withing two weeks and because it is difficult to imagine a final result from planning, we are always prepared to make necessary changes. We went through several cycles of updates. At this time, we also made our tests. Without them we would not certificate the website.

DAY 27 - LAUNCH. The client and us are both happy we managed to make it done on time.

We promised and we delivered. If you are in deadline press, too, go to Profit Visions Web and contact us.

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Certified website Vysocanskymlyn.cz