Grace Manager

You drive a business or a team of people and it is not a simple task. We are sure that you search for any help you can get. We understand you and that is why anything that helps us, we give to you so you can benefit of it as well.

People of Profit Visions are in the same situation from the beginning until now. In our company's history, we tried many options and many tools. But none of them was very useful. Any tool was either not better than simple TODO list with a calendar or suffered from being just for one specific operation without any attachment to others.

We decided to change it.

Grace Manager, as is Profit Vision's current big project named, is being developed to save companies' people so much time and stress. When we talk about saving time, we mean multiple days every month. We plan to automatize many of repetitive tasks, automatically set reminders, help with accountancy and you still won't get lost thanks to great overview interface and statistics how a company does.

Grace Manager

We are delaying the launch

Part of the heading tells everything - Grace Manager's final launch is delayed so we can ensure the quality of the product. Grace Manager is being developed to save you time and money and if we would miss just one element of the entire project, the effect could be just opposite.

Wireframing a different view for a client

If you force someone to use a tool he or she does not want to use, it ends up being uncomfortable for both of you. If your client is OK to use Grace Manager with you, his view must be different from yours since he must not see your internal communication, EST and others.

We found work time worth of days to save

Profit Vision's philosophy has always been to save every second we can. There are many patterns that we do, we don't realize and perform every day. Each of those patterns takes minutes a day and some even more. E.g. reminding to a client that owes you a reply.

What and why - introduction

The "Why" question is always the first kick of such project. This time its answer is for years cumulated experiences of dealing with clients, co-workers and contracts. We believe we see a pattern to make everything simpler and faster.