Reaching a goal

In Profit Visions, we have stated very distinguishable goals. And today, we are thrilled to announce reaching to one of them.

We are lowering prices of mobile apps development.

It is always an exciting, when you are closing on your goal. And now, we want to share with you our achievement, that will help so many people and companies in coming years.

For the past months, we have been working on a new mobile app engine we call Grace App. This engine allows us to:

  • create apps much faster,
  • lower price about 30 %,
  • reduce time for approval process by Apple and Google,
  • offer a Profit Visions RENT possibility,
  • have over all a much greater flexibility.

It is a HUGE accomplishment. Why is that?

You can see prices are going up constantly. It is not a surprising fact, given that everything is getting much more complex, which takes longer dev times and therefore the resulting product is much more expensive.

And that requires thinking out of the box. Trying to update current solutions, we would not achieve much. Grace App uses a completely new approach allowing so much without reducing a quality.

RENT for apps

Profit Visions RENT for websites is a miraculous service offering a website to stay modern, up-to-date and overall awesome for your whole life. And now we bring this exact service into the mobile apps division.

How does it work?

We create an app for you, we take care of it with technical updates and every two years we offer you a redesign of the app, which ensures it will stay forever fresh.

You don't need a massive chunk of money to offer RENT. The program has two goals:

  1. to offer a never aging software
  2. and to make a professional app accessible to everybody.

Finishing up

Currently we are testing and finishing up Grace App engine and completing soon to be launched a new app related website describing all about the work we do.

We also receive inquiries and few modern apps are already in development.

A promise

This is a great victory. But we are not stopping here. There remain so many things we can automate, make simpler, easier and that all without compromising on the quality.

And we promise to keep searching for ways to do so for your benefit, your profit.

After all, it's Our Visions for Your Profit.

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