Content updates by yourself if you want

Content management system at your service

We put a CMS automatically to any website we create so you can make quick updates to your content by yourself without our assistance. It is fast, it is for free, accessible at any time, but it is still optional. Want to us to do whatever you want? By all means.

A website should be successful. To be successful, one of the factors is to be up-to-date. And the easiest way to achieve that is to have a website built on a CMS named Grace, which we use automatically for every website so you can make any content update quickly and for providing no service from us at all (means for free).

The CMS is customized just for you, we don't bet on general solutions.

After a presentation of your new website, you will also get access to the CMS or so called 'admin'. This admin is accessible for you at any time. You can update any text, any image, add new articles, really anything you need.

Let's say you have and e-commerce and your supplier just launched a new product. He sent you its presentation to your e-mail. Here is what you need to do for that:

  1. log in to the admin,
  2. open and adding form,
  3. just copy&paste every info you need, there is no special requirements to your technical knowledge,
  4. click 'Save'.

Another example may be, that there is a main claim on your website that you want to change seasonally. For this simple change, it's even easier. You don't even need to go to the admin. Just:

  1. right on the website, mouse-right-button click on the claim,
  2. update the text, make it bold, link, whatever you want it to be now,
  3. click 'Save'.

Our clients love this feature.